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Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)

Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)
Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)
Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)
Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)

Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)    Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)
Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW). Sparkling clean tone that chimes like a glockenspiel. Smoky blues tones with the snarl of a junkyard dog. Lead sounds that wail as seductively as Siren's song. Expansive, enveloping arena rock tones.

The malevolent grind of a chainsaw gnawing on heavy metal: Iconic sounds such as these have been giving voice to new modes of musical expression and shaping the sound of entire genres for more than 60 years now. The new Spirit Nano Heads from Hughes & Kettner capture the spirit of each era of legendary guitar sounds in three amps with distinctive personalities.

We'll never know, but that wall of sound certainly inspired a lot of melodic soloing and virtuoso tapping. The Spirit of Rock purrs when you pick softly, snarls when you dig in, and roars when you punish those strings. It is so touch-sensitive and responsive that your guitar's volume knob puts the full range of tones from crunch to lead at the beck and call of your pinkie. The Sagging knob works like a variable turbocharger, welcoming you to the world of brown sound.

It is so articulate that every chord note rings out clearly - and we're not just talking about power chords here. Dime the Sagging knob and the amp behaves like a cranked non-master tube amp. It invites you tap into all that sound and fury to let your emotions fly off your fingertips. And if you nudge up the Gain knob, the amp will greedily siphon every drop of sound out of those pickups even at the softest touch of a string. And it has more gain than you would expect from a rock amp: From 12 o'clock upwards, it behaves like an amp with an upstream booster.

Do you prefer Californian or British lead tone? Why settle for one when the Tone knob sweeps smoothly from the Pacific to the Atlantic to give you both - and all points in between.

Small Box, Mighty Punch Don't be fooled by the miniature format. The Spirit Nano belies its diminutive dimensions with the impressive power of full-fledged power amp rated for up to 50 watts. That's enough to rock even a 4×12? Developed specifically for the Spirit line, the Ultra Response power amp behaves exactly like its tube-based cousins. It always sounds great at every volume and never grates at level, even at full tilt. Waste not, want not: This little beastie sends every single watt to the speaker. All those delicious dynamics remain intact and every watt is translated into impressive sound pressure. These petit powerhouses pack a punch as mighty as any tube power amp with a similar output. Spirit: The Bionic Tone Generator At the heart of the Spirit Nano amps is the Spirit Tone Generator, a novel bionic design developed by Hughes & Kettner to replicate the analog processes of a tube circuit. This miniature masterpiece distills the essence of tube amps' magical physics and incomparable tone into a compact, strictly analog circuit that promises unbridled playing pleasure. The Spirit Tone Generator is made in Germany to our uncompromising standards and sealed in a protective housing. We're talking about a soulful circuit imbued with the spirit of great amp sounds here, so we simply had to call this tech Spirit. Sagging: For Unbridled Playing Pleasure You have to drive a conventional output stage very hard for the sound to acquire that magical energy that can not only be heard, but also felt.

The Spirit Tone Generator lets you dial in that oh-so-sweet power amp saturation as easily and effectively as on a classic tube amp, but in a far more manageable way. That makes this a creative sound-shaping tool to rival any gain knob. Twist it to dial in the tone and feel of classic power amps driven to saturation at extremely high volume levels.

The Sagging knob on the Spirit Nano Heads gives you total control over power amp saturation regardless of volume. Sagging Spirit-style delivers that the awesome sound of a vintage power amp driven to the point of meltdown. A very sensitive tool, it dials in everything from the hair-trigger response you need for lean, mean rhythm tone to the powerful compression you need to broadcast your musical statements out into the world with in-your-face attitude.

Recording With Goosebump Guarantee These petite powerhouses never fail to impress. Paired with any speaker, they always deliver sensational performance. But Spirit Nano Heads are also real tone-sculpting tools that produce big studio sound even with the smallest recording setup - no speaker or microphone required.

This is where the inconspicuous Line Out on the back of the amps enters the picture. They feed the Spirit Tone Generator's unfiltered, purely analog signal to the audio interface's line input via a standard instrument cable to take full advantage of all the speaker emulations, microphone modeling, room simulation and effects the digital world has on offer. All that adds up to inspiring sound with a built-in guarantee to raise goosebumps and tingle spines. Jamming With Headphones The Aux In jack is your friend 24/7. Plug in your audio source and there's nothing to stop you from jamming to backing tracks with a refreshingly authentic tone any time, day or night.

You won't have to fuss with any outboard equipment. The amp blends the Aux In signal with your guitar's signal and then routes the composite to the front-panel Phones jack in full stereo. Speaker Out: 4 to 16 ohms. AUX In: 3.5 mm stereo.

Line Out: 6.35 mm. Headphones Out: 6.35 mm stereo. Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 19 cm. Weight: 1.1 kg with and 725 grams without power supply.

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Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)    Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Guitar Amp Head, Spirit of Rock (NEW)